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Circular fashion carries the potential to surpass the fast fashion trend currently prevailing around the world. The fashion industry has come under the enhanced scrutiny for its environmental as well as social impacts. The existing fashion industry goes through a linear production module and it is crafted over the foundation of fast fashion.

What fast fashion has done to the fashion seasons? It has enhanced the number of fashion seasons (summer fashion and winter fashion season) to plenty of micro seasons. As a result, it has provided a heap of waste clothes and overconsumption of resources.

Should the fashion success be measured in terms of numbers of clothes sold in a season or by considering the environmental impacts we are leaving. We need to rethink our approach as planetary limits won’t allow us to exploit the planet like this. Therefore, we need to move more towards circular fashion rather the linear.

It will allow us to make better and more impactful use of renewable and safe materials. Apparel designed in circular-fashion can be refurbished, repaired and reused and once they accomplish their life-cycle they get recycled into new apparel. The aim is to optimize the usage of available resources without wasting anything or leaving any toxicity behind.

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